What everyone should know about hoodies

It is absolutely true that hoodies are an excellent layering piece specifically for a young, energetic woman. In general, every woman owns at least a couple of hoodies in her wardrobe. Those hoodies are cozy in general. They are comfortable and stylish so they match pretty much any fashionable, outgoing woman. That being said, let’s learn more about this wonderful piece of layering.  


Classic Full-zip hoodies 

If you are a young woman, take a look at your wardrobe; the chances are that there is at least one full-zip hoodie. Classic full-zip hoodies are a perfect option especially when you are wearing a trendy top or a t-shirt that you intend to show off a little. When you wear full zip hoodies, you have the option of zipping down it easily. So, it easily allows you to warm yourself or cool down and you don’t have to take your hoodie off entirely. Therefore, full zip hoodies are highly recommended for regions where you can experience all four seasons. 


Oversized hoodies 

Well, this can be considered as one of the latest trends related to hoodies. It is possible for you to see that plenty of girls wear oversized hoodies when they go out nowadays. Oversized hoodies are very comfortable and they make a statement for the wearer as well. You can even couple those oversized hoodies with boyfriend jeans to get a laidback appearance. Otherwise, you can even pair it with black leggings to drive focus towards the hoodie.  


Pullover hoodies  

This type of hoodie can be considered as every girl’s low-key favorite piece. They are very comfortable and offer you a very cozy feeling. Since you don’t see any zipper with pullover hoodies, you can feel it as a blanket as well. In general, pullover hoodies come with relatively larger pockets in the front. Therefore, you can use a pullover hoodie to carry your essentials. Otherwise, you can even use it to keep the hands warm.  


Cropped hoodies 

Cropped hoodies come with a pretty fun and flirty appearance. Take a look at the profile of a trendy, fashionable woman’s social media profile – there will be at least a couple of photos of her with those beautiful cropped hoodies. In fact, cropped hoodies can be considered a combination of the crop tops (which was a hit in the ’90s) and the comfortable, classic feeling of the hoodies.  


The best thing about cropped hoodies is that they can be worn perfectly during late spring or even during early autumn. If you want to wear them during the winter, you should couple them either with a tank top or high waist leggings. 


Performance hoodies 

If you are into running, cardio exercises, or weight training, buying a performance hoodie is pretty much a mandatory task. Compared to the regular hoodies that come with softer, cozier, and heavier make, gym hoodies or performance hoodies are designed to be smoother, lightweight, and breathable. Generally, fitness hoodies are much better for the purpose of working out. 


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